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Scuba Diver/Junior Scuba Diver

Your underwater adventure begins!

Imagine watching the water level move up your mask as you slowly go below the surface – and continue to breathe!

It’s the most exciting feeling imaginable and yours when you become a NAUI Scuba Diver!

Scuba Diver is our entry level scuba certification course during which you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely scuba dive in open water.

When you complete your class you and your buddy will be free to explore and discover the many wonders of the underwater world…and, you will have earned a NAUI Scuba Diver certification card – the most respected diver certification card in the world !)

Come on and dive in…a lifetime of fun, adventure, memories, experiences, and new friends awaits you!

What You Will Learn

Your instructor will teach you about dive equipment, the science of diving, responsible diving practices and .the environment. You will also learn many skills in the water with practice time for your safety and comfort; and complete your training with a minimum of five open water dives.

How Do You Get Started?

As long as you are 10 years or older and in good physical condition, you can enroll to GoDiveIndonesia@yahoo.com for NAUI Scuba Diver course level. Sign up for your class, grab your bathing suit and get ready to have FUN!

What’s Next?

Once you become a certified diver, perhaps you want to further your training with an Advanced Scuba Diver or Rescue Scuba Diver course? Maybe you or someone you know was certified long ago and needs a refresher course. Perhaps you want to become a dive professional and go all the way to Divemaster or even become an Instructor! Whatever your scuba and skin diving needs, we can help you realize your dreams! Contact us for more information!

In GLOBAL DIVE CENTER Management Group, we provide and conduct The SCUBA DIVER COURSE LEVEL as below :
1- Class Room- CR, will conduct 3 times or session for about 2-3 hour per session on CR-1, CR-2 and CR-3
2- Confined Water or Pool Practice – CW / PP, will conduct for 3 times or session for about 2 hour per session of CW-1, CW-2 and CW-3
3- Written Test before going open water, or arrange your schedule with our Instructor
4- Open Water Exam- OWE, Regular package will staying over night in Pramuka Island, Jakarta for 2D1N, you will do all diving skills an underwater session for 5 dives in two days, 3 dives for skills test and 2 dives for fun dives, or you can also do this open water exam in Bali, Ambon, Makassar, Gorontalo, Maratua, or Bunaken base on your available time, we have customized package for that program based on 4D3N.

How to Start ?
Book and Register to



Whatsapp/Text/Call to +62812 2360 3008

Get the Course Package including the NAUI Scuba Diver Textbook, NAUI Dive Table and LogBook, so you can read the book before the CR session

Rp 3,750,000,-for course material package, CR1, CR2, CR3, CW1, CW2, CW3, Written test, Instructor, and maybe there is promotional items for you when you do registration NOW, just send us WA anytime.

Open Water Exam- OWE FEES,
Regularly we go to Pramuka island with investment about Rp 1,900,000,-including : boat transport from Marina-to Pramuka return, sharingroom AC, 4 Meals, 4 Air tank’s, Weight and Scuba Unit for all day dives. Non diver Rp1.250K
Owe in Bali for 3D2N is Rp4,350K for Meals, Landtransport, Room AC, Tank+Weight and Instructor are included.
Owe in Ambon – Gorontalo – Maratua,  Makassar – Wakatobi for 4D3N Rp5,850K ONLY but not including air fare and private needs.

TUEsday, THUrsday and FRIday
Session- A : 10:00 – 12:30

Session- B : 13:00 – 15:30
Session- C : 15:30 – 18:00
Session- D : 18:30 – 21:30
You can choose every Tuesday at 15:30 or CR-1 on Thursday at 18:30, or maybe you wanna do on Tue, Thu, Fri at every 18:30 base on your available schedule, as long as 3 Session, but if you choose Class Room-CR on Weekend you will have extra charge Rp250,000,-per session.

You are welcome to Arrange in One Full Day Session or Two Days also, contact us to help you arrange based on your available time.

You are also welcome to do in PRIVATE CLASS and you are free to arrange the schedule with out Admin or Instructor with investment Rp 8.500.000,-/pax ONLY.

We advised you can do based this schedule below,
SATurday & SUNday and Sometimes we can also do it on TUE/WED/THU..
A- 10:00 – 12:00
B- 13:00 – 15:00

When you plan to go and doing OWE- Open Water Exam  in other island we can calculate and offering you the cost later on, just contact us or your Instructor in Global Dive group.


Please and do this package program done and Completed Certified in no more than 6 (six)  Months,  except you will Charge Extra about Rp 750K to REVIEW and REFRESH the Theory and Skills in One Session.