Be a diver is one step to realize your passion in environment caring and protection.

GoDIVE GoSAVE is group that want to do little things to make a significant difference by combining our efforts and sharing our progress. We believe that we can make a difference in our communities to actively preserve, protect and conserve our underwater world.


7 ways to be a GoSAVE diver:

1. Be aware of your body and equipments

Secure your gauges and alternate air source so they don’t drag over marine habitats. Control your buoyancy and do not touch fragile organism 

2. Understand and respect underwater life and environment

Playing with animals or using them as food for some species can leave a trail of ecological destruction. Many aquatic organism are delicate and can be harmed by the bump of camera, swipe of a fin or even a gentle touch of a hand. Learn about marine ecosystem to understand sustainable interactions.

3. Keep your dive skills sharp

Join GoDIVE, learn – increase – and practice, practice, and practice to keep your dive skills sharp. So, your diving not harmed underwater environment. 

4. Consider your action

Avoid touching, handling, feeding or removing anything from its natural environment at all times. Doing so can disrupt aquatic life and alter ecosystem. 

5. Respect underwater cultural heritage

Treat wreck sites with respect to preserve cultural heritage and maritime history fur future generations. Wreck from artificial reefs serving as important habitat for fish and aquatic life. 

6. Be an eco-diver and green diver

Minimize your impact on natural environment and respect local environment and culture, trashy diver will be good and better.  

7. Get involved

Enjoy the environment and have a positive impact on the planet wherever you live or dive. Retrieve underwater rubbish, secure your gear, keep your distance from reefs, and/or support the local community initiatives in protecting their environment. While diving you can help monitor the health of local waters. Report the unusual sightings, injury or depletion of aquatic life and water pollution.

So, Buddies….
Let’s GoDIVE and be a GoSAVE diver ! by a NAUI way…