Wetsuit for Diving

Scuba Diving is One of the most attractive and fantastic adventure on Earth. So you need to become certified diver and qualified to go down there an underwater with safety priority no more.

When you do Scuba Diving of course you need to use and wearing completed scuba equipment such as Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit, Booties, Fins, Regulator, BCD, Cylinder tank and weight belt.

Our Question is why you have to used and wearing WETSUIT…..?


If your answer is Correct…..then just come to GlobalDIVE Centre Indonesia in Jakarta, don’t forget to bring your ID Card, GlobalDIVE will give you VOUCHER OF 30% DISCOUNT ¬†for ADVANCED SCUBA DIVER COURSE.

Just contact to Call Center +6281223603008 (call/text/wa/line/telegram


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