GoDIVE BILUHU, Gorontalo

Botubarani Whaleshark Point
Global Dive Lodge Biluhu Gorontalo
Salvador Dali
Global Dive Lodge Biluhu
Visitors From Belgium
DEEP DIVE infront of Our Room
Advanced Dive Course OWE
Biluhu Wall
Biluhu Dive Site

infront Cottage
BrazilTV and Tourism Board of Gorontalo

Infront of Biluhu Lodge

We are very much Kindly INVITE you to VISIT BILUHU Gorontalo The Amazing Underwater Paradise, Our Lodge is Behind the Ocean or Beach. Sounds of Wave and beach will become your sleeping music there and wake up seeing the nature of ocean……Amazing right…? Have ever swim or Diving with Whalesahrk..? or seen the Salvador Dali..?

Quiet place, white sandy beach and lovely friends and Staff there…

Only IDR 5,500,00,- for 4D3N and maybe dives about 10 Dives, just Contact Us to get may be more discount or Gift…..and mostly we pick you up in Airport also dropped there when you leaving.

please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Just Contact us in +6281223603008 (by Call/Text/WA) or email us globaldiveid@gmail.com

Bring your Group will be more Cool to get more nice price

So Let’s GoDIVE Buddy..

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