BEST TIME TO GoDIVE AMBON NOW…….up to May 2014, Let’s GoDIVE Wonderful Indonesia.. Sorry buddy some schedule are fully booked..

1387358203004Ambon, is spicy hot city….some people say that, but for us Ambon is Unexpected Paradise city, mostly underwater adventures where you can find a muckdive, shipwreck, pelagic, wall dropp off, corals, and the icon is Caver, Cave of Pintu Kota, Hukurilla and Sidjabat Point in one place or one diving site area, so….that is Ambon……Ambon Manise..

Just contact us now, or send us email from your mobile phone to
Call center +6282300081970 or +622170603008
WhatsApp +6281223603008

We have a Package start from Daily, up to 12Days dive, so it’s depend of your available schedule to come, 4days, 5day, 6day dive up to you buddy. Last month one our Dive Master and his buddy was found and see down there a Mola Mola, unbelievable moment……28m depth of Pintu Kota, we hope that the Mola will set this are to become their place to cleaning their body and transit area.

So what do you waiting for send us you email and set your schedule, don’t miss it buddy..