NUDIBRANCH always make us comfort in underwater, just trying to find and see them quietly….

Nudi to WebUnexpectected Underwater Paradise of Ambon is always interesting to explore. ERI is one of the best diving site for macro then Laha now….
Froggfish, ghostpipefish, Anglerleaffish, Mimic Octopus, Rhinopias and many more macro…many type of Nudi here….

Let’s Exploring More……of Ambon, the unexpected underwater paradise…..

Just Contact us…

NEW NAUI INSTRUCTOR TRAINER in Jakarta, Wahyu Pambudhi known as Buns now just pass his Instructor Trainer Workshop.. CONGRATULATION BRO… Keep Safely Teaching

Instructor Trainer WorkshopNow NAUI in Jakarta and Liquid Dive Center is available to conducting Instructor Training Course- ITC.
So ig you plan to join NAUI ITC soon you can contact Buns yo arrange your class, or contact Global Dive….

NAUI ITC will be proceeds in 8 day class room, pool and open water, cof the further information just contact us in call center +6282300081970 or WhatsApp +6281223603008

Dive Safety Through Education..

High Qualification, Paramount of Comfortably & Safety..

GoDIVE AMBON CALENDER 2014, choose and fixed your Diving Trip and Leisure schedule on 2014, and let us know and listed for your visit..

1389918727783This are the times schedule for you to visit us in Ambon.
Just dropped you email adress if you need more information to Visit Ambon

1- See on the google earth or see the map we have in this website.
2- Check your holiday schedule
3- Send us your holiday visit time, we will arrange and you just fixed your package to come
4- Book your Ticket To Jakarta and Ambon, or Singapore to Makassar/Ujung Pandang then Ambon, or Singapore/Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and Ambon.
There is flight on mid night arround 01:00 and 01:30 from Jakarta to Ambon by Garuda/Lion/Batik/Sriwijaya.
Garuda will be transit in Makassar then Ambon, Lion, Sriwijaya and Batik is direct flight to Ambon and landing arround 06:50 in the morning.
but there is also flight at 05:00, 07:00 and 08:00
5- Arrange you diving trip leisure group.
6- Global Dive crew will pick you up in the Pattimura Airport of Ambon.

All our package are not including Dinner, and we can put you in Collin Beach resort, Amaris Hotel, Swissbell Hotel, Manise Hotel, Tirta Kerncana Hotel, Since We have only 1 room AC with toilet inside, 3 room AC but toilet out side, if you wanna stay with us.

Enjoy your diving holiday adventures….peta situs selam Indonesia

Call Center +6282300081970 and WhatsApp +6281223603008

Let’s GoDiveIndonesia

BEST TIME TO GoDIVE AMBON NOW…….up to May 2014, Let’s GoDIVE Wonderful Indonesia.. Sorry buddy some schedule are fully booked..

1387358203004Ambon, is spicy hot city….some people say that, but for us Ambon is Unexpected Paradise city, mostly underwater adventures where you can find a muckdive, shipwreck, pelagic, wall dropp off, corals, and the icon is Caver, Cave of Pintu Kota, Hukurilla and Sidjabat Point in one place or one diving site area, so….that is Ambon……Ambon Manise..

Just contact us now, or send us email from your mobile phone to
Call center +6282300081970 or +622170603008
WhatsApp +6281223603008

We have a Package start from Daily, up to 12Days dive, so it’s depend of your available schedule to come, 4days, 5day, 6day dive up to you buddy. Last month one our Dive Master and his buddy was found and see down there a Mola Mola, unbelievable moment……28m depth of Pintu Kota, we hope that the Mola will set this are to become their place to cleaning their body and transit area.

So what do you waiting for send us you email and set your schedule, don’t miss it buddy..

LET’S CONTINUING YOUR EDUCATION go and get CERTIFIED become a NAUI NIGHT DIVER. Join our new class and explore at Night Fantastic Experience..

1389597069252When you join this program you may addicted in night diving adventures, so becareful to addicting fantastic night experience..

Required to join are :
1- you must certified as Scuba Diver or open water diver
2- log min 12 dive experience
3- fill thebregistration form
So what do you waiting for, just contactnour crew then asap to get discount.

Cost of Class Room discuccion, certificate card, wall certificate, instructor and hand out IDR1,900K, but fo fast registration you pay IDR1,500K ONLY, and if register in Group for 4 person IDR5.000,-ONLY, ready for 3 group only when register in 10 days from now or up to 24 Jan, 2014.
This cost are not covering the open water night diving activities which is we plan base on discussion in the class.

Register Now..

Let’s GoDiveIndonesia..

UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, will conduct on Februari 21-22, 2014 in Global Dive Jakarta… Register Now to join this underwater photography course..

1389233758497Global Dive provide an underwater phoyography short course and workshop to preparing participant of the event on April 2014, a Photography Competition in Jakarta lead by Global Dive…

Only certified underwater photographer can join that event…
Let’s GoSHOOT Underwater buddy…..

Require and invest to join contact call center 082300081970 or whatssapp 081223603008

Just GoDIVE & SHOOT…..

TRY SCUBA DIVING-TSD, Get you new experience in underwater breathing, you will get Fantastic Experience…..

1382122848348We provide introductory of scuba diving in Senayan Swimming Pool, Komplek GBK Senayan, Jakarta.

Only Idr150K,-per person to join this activity…
this is complete with Scuba Unit, pool ticket and Our Assistant Instructor/Instructors…
Call Center 082300081970, 02170603008 and waiting for your contact or registration.
Tel 57852667 – 57974197

Our TSD Schedule are :

Saturday and Sunday :
Session-1 : 09:00 – 10:00
Session-2 : 10:00 – 11:00, 12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
Session-3 : 13:00 – 14:00
Session-4 : 14:00 – 15:00

Monday – Friday
Session-1 : 11:00 – 12:00
Session-2 : 13:00 – 14:00

We will brief you how to use Mask, Fin and all Complete of Scuba Unit, you will get a Do and Don’t when you doing Scuba Diving activity Comfortably, Safely and Fun….
Fantastic Experience bro and sis…..

What do you waiting for…….Let’s Go Join Us.. You will go for 60 minute for this complete of activity, briefing, underwater activity and debriefing..

Just come and bring your own private clothing to change after TSD.

Let’s GoTSD…..