NAUI Scuba Diver OWE- Open Water Exam at Pramuka island Jakarta Peb 23-24, 2013

TigaSembilanTo apply and show that you have now scuba diving knowledge and diving skills, you must show to your Instructor that you are NOT ONLY CERTIFIED, BUT YOU’RE QUALIFIED in this activities, so let’s go to open water and show you ability to do…..tujuhLimaSatusepuluhNudilimabelasTujuhbelasempatbelas
We have REGULAR OWE SCHEDULE every months in the second week… just cobtact us for your further information.
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Written by DIVE Magazine Thursday, 21 February 2013 11:15 PrintE-mail shutterstock 111698996A project tagging oceanic whitecap sharks found they wander over vast tracts of ocean.

Source :

Written by DIVE Magazine Thursday, 21 February 2013 11:15


shutterstock 111698996A project tagging oceanic whitecap sharks found they wander over vast tracts of ocean.

shutterstock 127603163

A research project in the Bahamas tagged 11 oceanic whitecaps off Cat Island in 2011 and results published this week in the journal PLOS ONE found that some of the sharks roamed nearly 2,000 kilometres from the spot where they were caught, but all individuals returned to the Bahamas within a few months.

‘While the oceanic whitetip shark is one of the most severely overexploited shark species, it is also among the least studied because it lives much of its life far from land in the open ocean,’ said Lucy Howey-Jordan, scientific liaison for Microwave Telemetry, Inc. and lead author. ‘Before this study and our ongoing research, very few of these sharks had been fitted with satellite tags, and the data we obtained will help establish new conservation measures.’

All the tags, except one, reported data. Of the eight tagged oceanic whitetip sharks tracked for more than 31 days, three stayed within or very near the Bahamas for their entire tracking period. The other five sharks, after an approximate 30-day period of residency within 500 kilometres of the tagging area, made long-distance trips, with one traveling as far as Bermuda.

The fact that all these tagged mature female sharks returned to the Bahamas provides the first evidence of return-migration in this species.┬áThe sharks, normally found near the ocean’s surface, made regular dives of approximately 1,000 metres, possibly related to feeding.

The oceanic whitetip is one of the species of sharks that next month is being considered for a full trade ban under CITES. This protection is essential for species which cross international boundaries such as the oceanic whitetip.

NAUI Advanced Diver Course, 16-17 Maret 2013 Open Water Exam for Advanced Diver

in NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver- ASD, you will lear, feel and see how pressure affect air volume, and how it’s affect uour body when Our NAUI Instructor guiding you to the DEEP DIVING betwwen 24 – 40 m depth, including Decompression Stop, Safety Stop and Ascent speed rate, to avoid risk and decompression sickness.

In NAUI Advanced you will train for 3 required (deep, night,& sar) and 3 elected (uw photography, Navigation, mapping, and many more……
Day-2 MINGGU : DEEP DIVE, UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY / LIGHT SALVAGE, or you have special interest to dive….let us know.

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39191_100682966654818_45631_nWHAT IS SCUBA DIVING CERTIFICATION….?
Apa sih Sertifikasi Scuba Diving atau Selam Rekreasi..?

Recreational scuba diving is one of the unique adventure on earth,
and when you do scuba diving you will agree this is one of the best
recreational that we have, but you must be certified diver to do this
activities, so you know how to do proper and to prevent risk.

Untuk memiliki sertifikat selam rekreasi maka anda dapat melakukannya sbb :
– Class Room-CR (diskusi kelas teori)…..umumnya dilaksakan 3xpertemuan namun dapat dibuat 1x atau 1hari.
– Confined Water-CW (praktek kolam)…….dilaksanakan 3xpelatihan atau 2hari tetap dengan 3 sesi latihan.
– Written test (ujian tertulis)
Setelah hal ini selesai maka dilanjukan dengan :
– Open Water Exam-OWE (ujian peraitan terbuka)…..umumnya dilaksanakan 5x diving yaitu 2-3 kali skills test dan
2x fundive, semua kegiatan ini umumnya dilaksanakan dalam 2 hari.40290_102405599815888_7475253_n

– OWE juga dapat dilaksanakan di Kep Seribu utk Jakarta, namun juga bisa di Makassar, Ambon, Bali, Manado, Derawan,
dan Lembeh.


Just CONTACT US….380547_261183113938135_1129777158_n

Emphazy to ENVIRONMENT always need more Spirit to implement, So we would like to invite you to join our program of Coral Transplantation, to let them survive and serve our World..

1387085130847Small Coral become big, big, and produce other small coral….they need us to protec their community at the supply us oxygen to breath….

Global Dive since 2013 developing program for the environment such a Coral Transplantatioan and Mangrove seeding in Pulau Pramuka of Thousand islands, Jakarta.

If you are interest to join or support our program with your CSR program from your company, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Let's GoDIVE Wonderful Indonesia

GoDIVE Wonderful Indonesia
Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan yang memeiliki puluhan ribu pulau yang memiliki pemandangan bawah laut yang sangat indah, kalau masyarakat internasional datang berduyun duyun untuk menikmati menikmati keindahan ini, maka kami mengajak anda untuk bergabung ayooooo……. kita kunjungi alam bawah laut kita yang terindah didunia.NudiWhite
Pemandangan pelagic, corals dan macro…..indahnya tak terkatakan,
coba deh, jangan sampai ketinggalan…..

ingin bergabung dalam SCUBA DIVING TRIPS & TRAVELING ataupun
ikut ambil sertifikat dengan mengikuti SCUBA DIVING COURSE
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Why we must use Mask in recreational scuba diving…?
is it possible to see clearly when we are under water ?
and why diver have to practice in under water to cleaning the mask.

if you read this, please kindly answer the question so everybody will concern
to do mask skill well in their practice…..

we will explain why we do mask skills when scuba diving, if nobody answer this..
so we are waiting for your participation and comment….
have a nice sharing…
Mask 275K
Ayoo teman2 berpartisipasi dalam tukar pendapat ini,
Pertanyaannya adalah kenapa kita harus menggunakan masker dalam kegiatan wisata selam atau selam rekreasi ?
Apakah kita bisa melihat dengan jelas didalam air tanpa masker ?
Ditunggu partisipasinya dalam beberapa hari, bila tdk terjawab maka kami akan jelaskan.

Bagi penjawab yang benar akan diberikan Voucher ikutan TSD diskon 50% atau rp75K..

Selamat menjawab….

See Underwater Paradise of Derawan Islands

Derawan islands is Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua island
you will miss this part of Indonesia underwater paradise.
it’s really beautiful….
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