MUCK DIVE @AMBON BAY, MAY 02-05/06, 2013, With Blue Rose Diver (Global Dive Ambon)…

Blue Rose Divers, managed by Global Dive Center Group management, offering you a special muck dive in Ambon Bay, Maluku.
Froggfish, Anglerleafish, nudibranch,gostpipefish, and uou can see Mandarinfis all the time, Amboina scorpionfish is a Ambon special for you to visit by group or couple it’s fully welcome.
contact : 021-7060 3008 or 0911-323 883

GLOBAL DIVE CENTER attending a Asian Dive Expo-ADEX in Marina Bay Sands April 19-21, 2013

Global Dive Center bring a Underwater Paradise of Ambon and Marine Park of Pulau Kapoposang the Makassar Spermonde to promote underwater of Wonderful Indonesia in ADEX 2013 in Marina Bay Sands on April 19-21, 2013.13665063373471366506337719Surprise that Ambon and Pulau Kapoposang now getting atmostpher to a dive and sign up to visit.1366621648112136662033375413666203330741366506337719
How to go Ambon : fly by Garuda from Singapore to Ambon or Singapore to Makassar then connecting to Ambon or fly to Jakarta conecting to Ambon, also there is flight from Bali to Ambon by transit in Makassar.
How to go Makassar : Fly by Garuda to Makassar or Air Asia from Singapore to Makassar.

Neee more further information contact : or sms center +6221-70603008


Global Dive Center with NAUI WORLDWIDE participating in DEEP Indonesia and EXTREME Indonesia EXPO, the biggest diving expo in Asia held in JCC, Jakarta Convention Center Jakarta on April 4-7, 2013.
We participate in this event every year, to promote scuba diving education, diving trip, environment and conservation.
DEEP 2013

NAUI Instructor Meeting 2013 in Jakarta

Meeting-2As NAUI Member in Indonesia we are having awareness to trying many ways to develope NAUI member and NAUI Diver.
Meeting-2Meeting-1we have deeply discussion in Satay House Restaurant after dinner.
And we have planning to create gathering in Jakarta on September 2013 it will be a NAUI DIVERS GATHERING 2013…..Coming soon.
register to :
We invite all NAUI Crtified Diver to join this event
GBU All…
Dive Safety Through Education

NAUI SCUBA DIVER COURSE now available in Reguler Class every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Class Room, Confined water then open water exam

Class Room, Confined water then open water exam

Let’s start your underwater fantastic paradise adventures by Global Dive NAUI Scuba Diving course and get your license Now….
Scuba Diver course level content of 3 times of class room for theory discussion, 3 times of confined water or pool practice session, written test and open water exam in Thousand island, Jakarta.
Available for individual, group and corporate group.

Just contact our team

Booking and Registration to :
sms center : 021-7060 3008

Let’s GoDIVE Ambon, Blue Rose Divers in Latuhalat Ambon, on May 1-5 or 2-5, 2013

Underwater Paradise of Ambon you can going down with our best Divemasters in Ambon who are experience in many vary diving site in Ambon such as Cavern, Drift, Muckdive, Shipwreck and pelagic of Ambon Manise underwater paradise.
Get reach 45 minute distance from Airport to Blue Rose Divers Cottages- BRD in Latuhalat, you will get relax in beachfront view of rooms there.
Dive Boat- BRDOur diving boat ready to bring you to all diving sites in Ambon bay and south of Ambon.
FroggfishFroggfish in many types in Ambon also juvenile froggfish in green, white, black
Beachfront Blue Rose DiversBeachfront Views…..
Hukurilla CaveThe Hukurilla Caver one of the best cavern in Ambon you will see down there…

How to Book ?
4D3N Rp 4.300.000,-
5D4N Rp 5.700.000,-
All you need for rooms, meals, diving boat, divemaster, tanks, water, coffee/tea, dropped and pick up, except Scuba Equipment and Airfare to Pattimura Airport Ambon, Divemaster tips and private needs.

Booking and Registration send email to :
Booking fee 50% from the amount not package, this fee not refunable when you cancel the trip lesthan 14days before the Trips Schedule above, but maximum 25% of refund.. And must full payment before you arrived in Pattimura Airport.
tansfer payment to :
BCA Cabang Ratu Plaza, Jakarta Account No : 525 024 6716 named John E Sidjabat
call center +6221-7060 3008