Let’s GoDIVE Ambon October 01-05 or 15-19, 2014 The Unexpected Paradise of Ambon. Cavern, Muck, Pelagic, Wall/Dropp Off, Slope or Shipwreck….

1382719123060Pintu Kota CaveAmbon Package-4-5-6Day

Ambon is a Paradise of Underwater, once you visited you will think to come and come again, many paradise of diving here…..

Our Package is min 4 days of 3days diving up to 12days.

But this time we are offering of 5D4N, you will stay in sharing room cottage close to the beach, 3 meals a day, diving boat, Guide and tank with weightbelt, all this item you will get for this package including Transfer Airport-Cottages and return.

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Indonesia of The CORALS rehabilitation On The Move….. Let’s Support and Join Us to do this program..

1387085130847Indonesia is The Heart Of World Coral Triangle, as a center of world corals we have to save our underwater environment. Coral in the deep give and supply us oxygen to breath on the surface, so we must keep them all to support our live, this is verymuch important to know, so we care each other, care environment and care of our green of earth.


Global Dive Center has a plan called GoSAVE, this program we made to implement our ephasis to the environment mostly underwater such us coral transplantation, artificial coral reef, and beach area for the mangrove,..

You may join our program also supporting us for the program expenses, since this program offcourse need more funding to support,, by transfer funding to Mandiri Bank Account number 1220005777571 own by Global Dive Center.


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Lets GoSAVE the Corals and Save The Environment..


1387085131557Global Dive create new group of divers such as NAUI Female Divers Group..

If you wanna join this group trip to Thousand island, Bali, Bunaken and Other diving site…

Or just interest to create nea Group Class to learn scuba diving….of even interest to become NAUI Female Instructor…

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Global Dive is a Fullrange Of Scuba Diving Education…